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Innovative and effective solutions for the consumer market

Customized, scalable and flexible solutions for the consumer goods sector.

DB Schenker understands the needs and complexities of consumer indsutry, we have the expertise to service your business as a long term integrated partner in logistics and supply chain management. Our goal is to deliver the results that increase competitive advantages and add value to your business and customers.

From warehousing and management to distribution and delivery services, DB Schenker provides customized, scalable and flexible solutions for consumer goods sector that can be adapted to accommodate changing market demands. With its vast array of resources, DB Schenker is the expert in delivering creative, high quality and cost effective solutions to meet the unique supply chain challenges of this ever-evolving industry.

Whether expanding upon existing customer requirements, or engaging in new projects, DB Schenker has a proven track record in supporting comprehensive distribution management and support functions throughout the consumer goods supply chain. Its solutions have helped consumer goods manufacturers and suppliers streamline operations, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enhance productivity.

Our expertise covers:

  • Personal Care and Luxury Goods: Specialist handling services, RFID tagging and tracking, security storage/transportation servicing luxury brand manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
  • Fashion and Texiles: Garment care services, specialist hanger storage and sortation systems, wrapping and packaging services, labelling and retail tagging services for raw materials, manufacture and brand distribution to retailers.
  • Retail FMCG: Origin sourcing and consolidation services, Scheduled time management, Distribution Centre Management, Factory Gate services, specialist crate handling, multiple ULD handling and multi-temperature storage/transportation for wholesalers, distributors and retailers.
  • Wine Logistics: temperature and humidity controlled environments, safe handling and packaging services servicing merchants, importer/exporters, distributors and retailers.


Ranked No. 3 in Top 25 Global 3PLs in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies magazine 2007. DB Schenker is also the recipient of the "Best Practice Award 2007" in the category of Supply Chain Management, by the Best Practice Management Group in Hong Kong.

Superior IT Capabilities

DB Schenker possesses a large portfolio of information systems to support complex logistics solutions and to manage advanced services. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, contract manufacturers, vendors, and end customers access various business functions, underlying which are the information technology systems that process information flows and cash flows. These information systems includes warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, supporting order management, inventory management, document management, reporting, tracing and tracking, etc. These information systems are managed and maintained by a dedicated IT team coordinated across the globe.

In 2008, Schenker (Asia Pacific) was listed on CIO 100 Index for Excellence in Strategic Enterprise IT. DB Schenker is the only integrated logistics service provider among leading multinationals and organizations throughout Asia Pacific to have been accorded this recognition.

DB Schenker is the right partner for you to optimize the flow of materials, the flow of information, and the flow of cash, to ensure uninterrupted production and operation, to reduce your inventories, and to improve your return on assets. We share your vision. We delivery the results

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