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Award-winning solutions for the healthcare industry.

With over 20 years of experiences in managing the supply chain of the Healthcare & Bio-Science industry in Asia Pacific. DB Schenker aims to deliver perfect results to our customers with our great team’s attitude and capabilities. Voted the “Best Pharmaceutica

The main task of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical providers is the improvement of patients’ state of health, either direct diagnosis and treatment or via drug discovery. The provision of medical treatment and patient care – core processes of major Healthcare and Pharmaceutical firms, creates demand for patient-related supporting services. These secondary processes can be medical or non-medical nature.

Supply Chain and Logistics, from basic raw, unprocessed materials to nice-packed consumables to patient at bed, falls under non-medical nature yet it plays a vital role as there is always a need to improve delivery process of healthcare products and services to patients. At the same time, there is a constant demand to study advance methods of reducing operation costs, which leads to increase efficiency of healthcare deliverables.

With extensive experience in managing multi-client or dedicated warehousing facilities, our Healthcare customers comprises:

  • Medical Diagnostics and Equipment
  • Nutritional and Health Supplements
  • Hospital Supplies and Procurement Logistics
  • BioSciences
  • Pharmaceuticals

DB Schenker offers fully integrated Healthcare Logistics services, which includes:

  • Providing warehousing and all value-added services related to logistics and distribution.
  • Focus on full spectrum of Healthcare from international handling (from supplier / manufacturer) to domestic stringent storage needs such as various types of re-dressing / re-labeling as well as point to point distribution to hospitals / patients for drug / services administration.
  • Our solutions also includes procurement sourcing logistics, production supply logistics, laboratory logistics, cold chain management, finished goods distribution, after-sales services and supply chain logistics.
  • Ability to fulfill customer’s unique demands such as Cold Chain Management (ambient, chilled and / or frozen) and Dangerous Goods logistics and distribution
  • DB SCHENKERhims (Hospital Inventory Management System) for complete visibility and order management at the ward level for Hospitals.

To maintain the highest standard of services offered to our Healthcare and Pharmaceutical customers, DB Schenker constantly seek to improve our standards and in compliance with regulatory from local state health departments to ensure our warehousing are certified and staff are well-trained accordingly. In addition, DB Schenker owns strong advanced IT software which enables us to offer competitive Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) mapping and interface with customer’s internal IT system in an efficiency and effective manner.

Key value-add qualifications in differentiating DB Schenker from others, in delighting our Healthcare AND Pharmaceuticals customers, include:

  • Throughout Asia Pacific (12 countries), our warehousing are accredited with Quality Award ISO 9001, Environmental Safety Award ISO 14001 and TAPA-certified through Asia Pacific.
  • Globally, DB Schenker is one of few selected partners recognized as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP), which gives us the flexibility of speed and economies of scale to handle large cold chain cargo via air.
  • Working closely with various authorities to ensure Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance are aligned with our Healthcare and Pharmaceutical customers.

Last modified: 05.02.2015

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