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SOLAS VGM customer advisory (important!)

DB Schenker's customer advisory on SOLAS/VGM regulations

This advisory informs you about the new container weighting rules to be implemented under the "SOLAS"convention and its impact on your shipments moving with DB Schenker.

Dear Customers,

Attached below please find an important advisory about the new SOLAS "container weighing" regulations taking effect on July 1st, 2016 - worldwide.

These rules require for all shippers to submit a "verified gross mass"(VGM) to the carrier in  order for any container to be loaded on board a ship.

 Our customer advisory contains all necessary information you need to have in order for you to become compliant with the regulations. It is not a complex undertaking, but it requires for you to consider one additional step in your shipping process.

The deadline for you submitting the VGM certification to DB Schenker is ultimately driven by requirements from local authorities, steamship lines, container terminals and container freight stations. There are no rules yet in place. But we expect something in line with current U.S. "AMS" or the European "ENS" submission deadlines.

Our customer service teams will keep you posted as this becomes clear.

Thank you for your support!


Yours DB Schneker Team

DB Schenker -SOLAS VGM customer advisory (EN)

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Last modified: 01.06.2016


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