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Ocean Freight

Paperless process implementation remains on track

Paperless process implementation remains on track

Enabled by our very own task management tool "FLOW", we continue the highly successful roll out of paperless ocean freight processes in all branches throughout North/Central China under the project banner "No Paper". Today, more than 60% of our ocean freight shipments are already processed digitally. Another 30% are to follow by mid-May at the latest. Adam Wang, our Ocean Freight Manager for Process Engineering (based in Shanghai), has been quietly and effectively coordinating the tedious, hands-on effort of preparing and executing the implementation with each of the branches. The most recent branches were Ningbo (with a workshop on February 22nd) and Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Jiaxing (with a joint workshop in Nanjing on March 6th). We continue to experience enthusiastic support from our ocean freight teams everywhere.

This has enabled us to incorporate a lot of new “best practice” cases and new features into “FLOW” thus increasing the value of this tool to its users continuously. A huge compliment and ‘Thanks’ goes out to all ocean freight staff full heartedly supporting this rather dramatic change in the way we work – and in the way our offices look and feel. We are on track to implement paperless ocean freight processes on all North/Central China branches by June 30th this year. North/Central China already represents the largest paperless ocean freight operation in the Schenker world – a fact we can be all very proud of.

In parallel to introducing paperless processes we also continue to implement the “5S” continuous (quality) improvement system in each ocean freight section within a North/Central China branch. The “5S” auditing process is managed electronically using our very own software “FiveStar”. The development of “FiveStar” and the rollout of “5S” is spearheaded by Athena Nader, our Ocean Freight Project & Program Manager based in Shanghai.

Starting July 1st we will start the next phase of digitizing our ocean freight processes which will include exciting things like “parallel processing” of one file in several offices, pro-active “workload balancing” within North/Central China and ad-hoc or permanent “process re-routing” from one branch to another. We will be able to drive processes with a “functional” rather than a “geographic” focus (= it is about “what” and “how” we do it rather than “where” we do it). All of this will increase operational quality and throughput requiring equal or fewer resources and effort.

Ocean Freight is on a roll…!!!

Last modified: 03.05.2017


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