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We're moving families around the world

DB SCHENKERmove helps people move around the world.

Your belongings are special, many of them attached with a sentimental value and some of them that are not replaceable.

It doesn't matter whether you are moving within Hong Kong, China or abroad, for your upcoming relocation you will need a partner with experience, an extensive worldwide network and advanced transportation technologies to ensure the safety of your belongings

DB Schenker has been a partner for singles, families and executives in Hong Kong and China for over 20 years. With DB SCHENKERmove, we offer a product that includes comprehensive and competent consulting, outstanding packing service, integrated door-to-door transports and fair prices to meet even the highest requirements. Our professional consultants will be at hand to offer information and advice.

We identify special needs, generate an estimate and answer questions. No matter how precious, or delicate the item – high-value furniture, art objects or your new Plasma TV – we have the experience, the staff and the best materials to pack, dismantle and reassemble all your belongings.

Last modified: 03.07.2014

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