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Rail freight – at home on tracks

Rail Logistics and Forwarding

DB Schenker is your partner for rail-based door-to-door solutions between China and Europe, Russia, Central Asia & Mongolia as well as China domestic.

Available regular intermodal services:

Enlarge imageRail , DB

Huge investments in rail infrastructure, improved cooperation between the railways, relocation of production facilities to inland locations, growing trade between China and C.I.S. countries, and increased environmental awareness make rail transportation a viable transport option. Traditionally focused on bulk goods such as coal, steel and agricultural products rail nowadays offers highly competitive solutions even to companies with very high demands on speed, reliability and safety. Therefore a growing number of electronics, automotive, industrial and consumer goods companies use the respective service.

For shipments between China and Europe rail fills the wide cost and lead time gap between air and ocean transport and is particularly attractive to companies with high value cargo or shipments between inland locations. In addition, it is the environmentally most friendly transport mode. For shipments between China and Russia as well as Central Asia rail often offers by far the best solution in terms of lead time and pricing.

DB Schenker has been a pioneer in the development of regular block train service between China and Europe. We operate regular block trains both east and westbound since 2011 and have proven since then that rail offers a safe and reliable service. To ensure that our customers can better serve the fast growing markets in Russia, Central Asia as well as Mongolia we have developed new rail and sea-rail products.

By combining rail with other transport modes, DB Schenker further extends cross-border intermodal transportation over the world. The Eurasia train performs as the bridge connecting west and east, linked with Landbridge trucking crossing Southeast Asia, as well as air freight from Germany to LATAM countries.

We offer more than just rail transportation. Our intermodal door-to-door solutions include additional services such as document and customs consultation, load planning, consolidation, pre- and on-carriage, customs brokerage, DB SCHENKERsmartbox security service, daily status reporting, winter protection and additional contract logistics services if required.  

Based on goods requirements we offer:

  • FCL Container
  • LCL Container
  • Oversized shipments

Our rail service covers the following lanes:

  • China - Europe / Europe - China
  • China - Russia
  • China - Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)
  • China - Mongolia
  • China Domestic
  • China - LATAM (Rail - Air)
  • SouthestAsia - Europe /  Europe - Southest Asia (Truck - Rail)

Last modified: 07.05.2015

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